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PnP frame – Aluminium cut

2020 and 8020 extrusion. wow it is big. big because while travel is 800×600, you need a fair bit each side of the travel.  The single bits of 2020 on top are the top table supports- three tables. Not shown … Continue reading

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component rotation…

On Friday I investigated reported forum issues of not being able to rotate a component with the component on the end of the hollow stepper with sufficient accuracy and resolution. I set up a job to test this on a … Continue reading

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Head prototypes

latest head design The intended placement of the two cameras is visible, also Belts are not shown, have not figured out how to do belts in Fusion360 yet…      

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Pick and place Update page

I added a bit more last night on my PnP story, particularly items on up and down vision, and feeders. i also added a bit more  on stepping resolution, particular belt drive calcs that show when microstepping is using, the … Continue reading

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Rpt linking using CODEC2

The PCB is designed for linking  analog radio repeaters by  using David Rowe’s CODEC2  speech codec codec2. It takes audio from an analog repeater audio output (ideally the FM detector so that it can  measure SNR) , and encodes this … Continue reading

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Cyclist’s Black Box

A road cyclist’s next problem after he is hit by a motorist  is that the motorist gets away scott-free when fault is theirs.  I’ve been stewing on this project for 3 years now, lacking the time and money to put it … Continue reading

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Stabilised universal references for precision radio work

I developed a GPS stabilised frequency reference that goes about disclipining an oscillator in a different way than most.  It can also function as a stand alone WSPR beacon. The power point file is available on this site named ddsref.ppt … Continue reading

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