Stepper component rotation accuracy mitigation

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Did a bit more playing. Got some Nema11s today, also (hollow) . These seem to be worse on  in accurate microsteps than the nema8s or 17s I have.

But – the microstep error is always deterministic it appears, which makes mechanical sense.  When I say “always”- on a few tries.

The idea is,  if you are not satisfied with the rotation step that you receive  from the stepper for say 1/16 step, put the component down, turn the nozzle so the stepper is in a different spot. , and then pick the component back up and rotate again.

The microstep errors are in a pattern, so the steps you will need  do not have to be a total guess.

The assumption is, the UP camera will take a look at the rotation you can, and what you get after  the component is put back down, nozzle moved, and picked back up….and rotate again from a different stepper position

So this way, really any step to whatever the stepper drive controller is capable of can be provided. Optionally , I would suggest the step point be ‘current held’ so avoid anything moving, if the controller permits it.






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